Welcome to Ozimi, natural take-away

Welcome to the unique vegetarian restaurant in town.
We invite you to taste
our culinary specialties made from the finest local organic products

* what to expect in your plate
* soup: 100% organic, gluten free, lactose free
* bred: 80% row flour made by Le Fournil a 100% organi bakery
* vegetables: 100% organic are coming from close by organic farms,
   or europeen
* asian vegetables: not organic
* meat: 99% organic (local product)
* milk products:  AOC 60%, organic 30%, 10% else
* eggs: organic 98% or from the market
* cereales:  100% organic
* fruits: europeen fruits are 100% organic
* exotic fruits: not organic
* salad sauce: rape oil & olive oil 100% organic

how to find us
check our daily menu (french only)

opening hours:
tue-fri 11am - 3pm
sat-sun-mon closed